Monday, March 14, 2011

More about the SCILT event

First an apology - I didn't do a Fun On Friday last week. Sorry! No excuse other than tiredness and stupidity.

This is a follow up post to Listen, Speak, Read, Write, Web! On Saturday morning, I took part in a flurry of Twitter messages about this SCILT event. As a result, I received the following from John Johnston:

I have mentioned EDUtalk before. It is a stunningly brilliant idea and so easy to use but I seem to forget to record audio on a regular basis or I record audio but don't get around to posting it. On Saturday, however, I managed to do both and posted the recording to EDUtalk.

And just because I can, I'll cross-post it here too. It's about time I got back to podcasting!

Would you like to hear more podcasts? If so, what sort of things would you like to hear?

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