Saturday, March 12, 2011

SCILT Event - Listen, Speak, Read, Write, Web!

Joe Dale talking to Primary and Secondary teachers about enhancing creativity and raising standards using ICT. Some great ideas using free software and free web services (such as Voki).

Some simple, but very powerful, ideas. If the pupils in the participants' schools get half as engaged and excited by the activities as the teachers at this course, there will be a load of excited and engaged pupils in Modern Language classes over the next few weeks!

For example, one of the simple ideas involved using Audacity (other audio editors are available!) to record pupils speaking in the target language. Joe showed how the teacher could model a short phrase and get the pupil to repeat it, then the teacher says the next phrase and that is repeated and so on until the whole message is recorded. The neat trick is that only the pupil's voice is recorded, so when it is played back they just hear themselves saying the whole passage. Brilliant!

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