Monday, July 10, 2006

EdCompCast - what's that?

In a fit of enthusiasm, I managed three EdCompBlog podcasts and had planned a semi-regular series. I even recorded some stuff with students for EdCompCast number four, but just never seemed to get the time to edit it together.

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As part of my pre-summer break tidy up, I decided I'd better do something with the stuff I'd recorded and was ashamed to discover how old it was. The last time I published a podcast was December 2005 and I think I recorded this interview towards the end of January 2006! Oops!

Anyway, for what it's worth, here are the thoughts of two of the students from just before they went out on their second school placement.

EdCompCast 4

I edited out the second half of the interview which includes stuff from another student. It is about how he hoped to do something about blogs with his pupils while on placement. I'll try to put that into EdCompCast number 5 some time in August to clear the decks for what will hopefully be a more regular podcast service next session.

I hope you find this interview interesting despite it being so late... if nothing else, it has the virtue of being short!

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P.S. In the podcast we talk about, "Lesley of the pink blog fame". The pink blog is of course To Probation and Beyond. We also talk about the computer lab Flickr exercise we did. You can see the sample picture I posted and read about what we did in Flickr: Note this! Finally, I have added some javascript courtesy of called Play Tagger which allows you to play the mp3 file from within my blog. Should have explained all that in the first place, but better late than never, eh? :-)

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