Monday, July 31, 2006

I go... I come back

I've been away on holiday but got back a few days ago. The my last blog entry (ICT: The C is for Creativity) was actually posted from a hotel in Munich. The eye-watering charge made by the hotel of €4.50 for half an hour of Internet connection is the main reason there was no picture with that entry! It's also the reason why I have not replied to any of your comments recently. I'll try to make some sensible comments in the next few days.

We had a great time in Germany where we spent a few days in Munich followed by a week in Oberstaufen (South Bavaria) before heading back for a few more days in Munich.

At Kempten,
originally uploaded by David Muir
The Muirs don't do well on lying about the beach type holidays so most days were spent visiting places and doing stuff. As evidence - a picture of me in Kempten.

We went to Kempten... but it was closed!

Well, all the museums were closed because it was Monday! However, I wanted to show my friend Antoninus Pius that I had at least made the effort to go to the Roman Archaeological Park.

A few more pictures of our adventures can be found on my Flickr account.

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Antoninus Pius said...

"... I had at least made the effort to go to the Roman Archaeological Park."

I am most impressed that you would take valuable time away from your visits to cafes and butterfly sanctuaries in order to see some quality culture of the Roman variety. :-)

But where are the photos?!

David said...

Clearly you are not paying attention! (How did you manage to hold onto an empire?) Isaid:

"We went to Kempten, but it was shut"

It was shut - hence very few photo opportunities. Now I know you get excited about bumfles in fields, but I'm afraid that I don't find the ruins of some foundations very photogenic. :-(