Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Getting ratty with Technorati :-)

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{Note: This entry was not properly indexed by Technorati. Their hepdesk people suggested changing the post date to try and fool Technorati into re-indexing it. If it also fools your aggregator - sorry.}
When it comes to Technorati, I swing from delight to despair.

Delight because it is a stunningly useful service. It is a great way to track who is talking about what. I even find it helpful when trying to remember what I have written about as I often I find myself using my own Technorati search box that I recently added to the sidebar of this page. When it works I love it!

Despair because I find it a little flaky when it comes to recognising my some of my posts.I have had this problem intermittently ever since I started using Technorati tags and have never had a satisfactory explanation. Is it me? Is it Blogger? Is it Technorati? Is it some bizarre combination of factors? Or is it none of the above?

I have emailed their technical help in the past, but although on one occasion they fixed it and the pages were eventually listed, I never found out why the problem arose in the first place. Most recently, my ScotEdublogs is proud to announce the arrival of... post was ignored by Technorati.

Another thing I found problems with was when I went back and add a new tag to post that Technorati had already found and listed. (Specifically, I added the EduFlickr tag to Flickr: Note this! and Getting to know you... with Flickr.) However, although one of these post can still be found by searching for one of the original tags, I can't find any way to make Technorati add the new tag to its entry for these old posts. I've tried pinging directly and through Ping-o-matic but it didn't seem to help.

I have emailed their technical support again, but if anyone else can offer support, advice or explanation, I'd be very grateful.

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frak said...

It's driving me nuts too.

Your problems, plusfor the last few days has been stupidly slow, and I keep getting "there are no posts for this tag" messages on things that get tagged 500 times day.

Then I refresh the page and I get some links...

David said...

The irony is that this post hasn't been picked up either!

What is odd is that Technorati clearly knows these posts exist. If I do a search on the tag word (instead of a tag search if you see what I mean) then it finds and displays the post no problem. It seems to be a problem with recognising the tags. Very odd.

Kaj said...

Hello david,
I'm sorry I can't help you either. I have the same problem. I thought that I was doing something wrong because my understanding of it and of English is not big enough. But I see you have the same problem.

David said...

Hello Kaj

I was very impressed with the English in your blog. I am also impressed with your decision to improve your English in this way. I hope you find writing your blog in English helps improve your understanding of the language.

Hello Frak and Kaj

I still have had no reply from Technorati support, but I did find that it is not a new problem and it's not just us. See for example Technorati: tag pages problems.

Kaj Rietberg said...

Hello david, thanks for the message on my site. I hope that technorati will solve it. But if it's already an excisting problem, i wonder.....