Thursday, July 06, 2006

A pirate's life for me!

Pirate cat
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I fear that the three Muir daughter's interest in Johnny Depp verges on idolatry, but nonetheless, the Muir family went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest today. For some time, our favourite pirate joke has been:

Why are pirates called pirates?

They just aaarrrr!

However in a flash of inspiration, perhaps prompted by the film, daughter number three came up with:

What is a pirate's favourite country?


This then started a flurry of nonsense. The best (and trust me, these are the best!) are reproduced below for your edification and enjoyment... well they are definately reproduced below. :-)

What is a pirate's favourite shop?


Where do pirate penguins live?

The Antaaarrrrtic.

What do pirates drive?

Caaarrrs (and aaarrrrticulated lorries).

What do you call a large cohort of pirates?

Avast aaarrrrmy.

How do pirates speak?

They use the venaculaaarrrr.

Where do pirates go for fun?

The aaarrrrcade.

Who is a pirate's favourite Star Wars character?

Queen Aaarrrrmidala.

Well, it amused us. :-) Feel free to add some of your own.

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Graham Wegner said...

Have you seen the latest pirate movie? It's rated arrrrr!

David said...

Thanks for playing the game Graham.

As the first to contribute I feel you should win a prize. Can I suggest you buy yourself a Mars Bar and if I ever meet you, I'll pay you the money back. :-)

Graham Wegner said...

Just subscribe to my blog and I'll be happy!

David said...

You're already there... honest! I think I added your blog after you picked up a quote off my blog from George Bush via something Alan November said at the eLive conference in Edinburgh.

...So I'm still willing to buy you a Mars Bar next time I'm in Australia or you are in Scotland. :-)

Duncan__ said...

"What do you call a large cohort of pirates?" Avast aaarrrrmy.
Nice -- two pirate gags for the price of one! Definitely my favourite.

Brian said...

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting pirate.
Interrupting pira..

My 4yo and 6yo love that one!

David said...

Thank you Duncan, Glad I'm still keeping you amused.

David said...

Hello Brian

This is a variation on a joke I'd heard before, but the pirate twist is nice. Thanks for sharing. :-)