Friday, June 30, 2006

EduFlickr posts... they're like buses!

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First I promise you that I've made the last EduFlickr post until August, then I post an overspill message. Now here is yet another EduFlickr post - mostly further examples of stuff I've already talked about or hints about topics I might deal with in August. So, "like buses", because you expect to wait two months for the next one and then three arrive at once. :-)

This post was prompted because my site statistics showed a couple of links coming in from a comment left on a post, Social Software using images in Learning and Teaching, on a blog at the University of Glamorgan. Haydn, the tutor (I assume), made a post about Flickr and one of the students (I guess) his fellow tutors {see comment. :-)} referred to my post: Free to use... with Flickr. I followed the links from Haydn's post and before I knew where I was, I had a whole pile of new links to explore and lots more to write about. Isn't the world wide web wonderful. :-)

One of the links was to Terry Freedman's blog. I knew he was doing a series on Flickr Toys (a site that I will almost certainly cover when normal service resumes in August) but I hadn't read his blog for a few days and had missed a great post on using notes in Flickr. Now I covered this in Flickr: Note this!, but Terry's example is so brilliant I wished I'd known about it when I wrote my post. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, this reminded me of exercises I used to do with my first year computing classes back in the 1980s. We had line drawings of a street scene, as well as a room inside a house, and the pupils had to mark where they thought they could see examples of microchips being used. It would be much more fun if the pupils took a picture of their own house (perhaps their bedroom?) or a street scene near the school, and then used Flickr notes to play "spot the ICT".

I already knew about Beth's Art class (see Flickr: Note this!) but I hadn't come across Teaching art history with Flickr where Bryan talks about what she is doing with Flickr. This post from Bryan also led me to Beth's blog (which includes some fantastic video podcasts). And for icing on the cake, Bryan has blogged about a bundle of other education uses of Flickr in Teaching and learning with Flickr. I especially liked aggregated images for teaching an anatomical topic. :-)

And finally... I found my way to Digital Snapshots, Flickr, and Writing by following my nose from one of the links above. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about what the writer describes as the "tech-savviness" of the students. Limited number of digital cameras - not a problem - the students brought their own. No USB Flash drive to transfer the images - not a problem - one of the students used her own to help the others. Transfer pictures to a Palm Pilot - not a problem - he used Bluetooth to transfer from the laptop. Brilliant!

What do you think. Does anyone else have examples of other people talking about or using Flickr in an educational context?

And I promise, this is my last EduFlickr post until August... probably. :-)

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Haydn said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback on our discussion. Actually Alice and I are colleagues rather than tutor and student. Alice is a research assistant in our Blended Learning team of which I'm Principal Lecturer focussing on Blended Learning Curriculum and Assessment development.

I must say you express the issues with much greater clarity than I managed. Keep up the good work on your blog.

David said...

Hello Hayden

Thank you for the kind words, but as I said, I found your set of links extremely helpful.

Alice said...

Hi David

Like Haydn,I found your blog very interesting and I m having so much fun exploring links from your blog!Thanks!

David said...

No thank you... :-)