Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another Meetup

Ewan is organising another Meetup, but this a time with a twist. Instead of just going for a chat and a meal, like we did at the eLive Meetup (see Flickr photos), this time he wants us to do some work too!

Details are a bit sketchy, but the plans are evolving over on the ScotEduBlog wiki. Go have a look and watch for an explanation of what Ewan has planned for us. More importantly, it's a wiki, so add your own responses and help shape the event to suit your own needs and interests.

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Gordon McKinlay said...

A meetup would be good. Now that I am joining this world it would be good to meet with others on this road ahead of me!

I have added some notes to the wiki.


David said...

Good to see people begining to get involved with adding to the wiki.