Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bebo behaves responsibly(?)

There is another great post on Bebo from Struan over at the Tree House.

Struan spotted that Bebo seems to be working with the NSPCC and Childline to promote the NSPCC's Don't hide it campaign. Instead of just saying ban it, filter it, or pretend it's not there, the NSPCC are using Bebo in a creative and imaginative way to get their message across to people using Bebo. I think it it has been a brave decision by the NSPCC to work like this and it seems to be a very effective way to communicate directly with young people.

For more details on what they are doing and how you can help, go to Struan's post.

...And if you haven't already subscribed to Struan's RSS feed - why not? Do it now, do it now!

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