Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Geotagging: The overspill

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The previous post was a bit of a monster - it just ran away from me. This post originally appeared as a section at the end of the last one but I decided to cut it out and promote it to stand on its own two feet. It has a few more examples of geotagging and geography related ideas that are not all Flickr based.
  • Zooomr is a service that is similar to Flickr, but it has mapping capabilities built in. For example, look at my photograph of Ewan (same photo - different photo-sharing site!). You should see a map at the side of the picture showing where I took it. Zooomr integrates mapping (through LightMap) you can specify the location without leaving Zooomr. (It is not immediately obvious how to do this, but use the LightMap link then follow your nose.)
  • Frappr is a mapping tool that allows you to stick virtual pins in an online map and attach photographs and text as well as links to other web pages. Since you can share your maps and invite others to add their own pins, it is a way of mapping a community. For example I have created EduFlickrFrappr (I just liked the sound of the name... say it with me... EduFlickrFrappr!) so that people who are reading these posts can stick a pin in the map and add a picture of the place where they work or study. Please feel free to try this out and add a pin. Hopefully you can work out what to do on your own but ask me if you get stuck. Note: if you are under 18, you should ask an adult before signing up for Frappr. Remember that it is not a good idea to post pictures of yourself in a public area of the Internet alongside your name and a location where you can be found! It is possible to create private Frappr maps, but the EduFlickrFrappr map is public - that's why I suggest posting a picture of a building rather than of yourself. Also, it is probably a good idea to use a screen name rather than your own name.
  • Geograph is a website that is attempting to, "... collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of the UK and Eire..." Are there gaps in the map near your school? Why not set a class project to find some interesting subjects to fill those gaps?
  • Memory Maps are an idea I first saw in an image called My childhood, seen by Google Maps. I had a go myself with Ardrossan Childhood. It is a variation on linking a picture to a location but without the complication of geotagging. I think that using links to other pictures in the notes on the map image could add an interesting dimension.
  • Geocaching is not really picture related but is more like orienteering with a GPS system with a bit of a treasure hunt thrown in for good measure. However, a virtual geocaching exersize that involves taking pictures and sending them back to a blog or a photo sharing website might be fun!

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Duncan__ said...

You are truly the Linkmeister! Where do you get these links from, David? Geograph is fascinating. Look out for a photo of Bannockburn High School appearing as NS805905 soon (hopefully).

David said...

Essentially I spend far too long browsing the web when I should be doing things like marking and preparing for classes. :-) Glad you liked Geograph.