Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flickr: Saying thank-you

thank you smile

thank you smile,
originally uploaded by dhyanji.
Anne Davis has a blog with the name Edublog Insights, but it's web address is anne.teachesme... well she has certainly been teaching me through some extraordinarily helpful comments she left here on my blog. She left some great feedback in What am I going to do now? but the one that prompted this post was her response to Free to use... with Flickr.

She started me thinking about the way I use other peoples' images. Even when the photograph has a Creative Commons licence, I realise I should still say thank-you. So from now on, starting with the image I am using in this blog post, I'm going to make sure I leave a comment to say thank-you to the people who are generous enough to share their pictures. For instance, my comment on this picture says:
Thank-you for making this picture available under a Creative Commons licence. I was looking for an image that said "thank-you" to use in a blog post and this image was just what I needed. Thank-you.
I also linked back to this post so that the photographer can see his or her work in context.

In her comment, Anne also talks about tagging photographs to make their educational possibilities clearer. I suggested a few generic possibilities, but subsequently I have decided to appropriate one to tag my posts on educational uses of Flickr. I have decided to go for and will add this to the other posts I have already made on this topic. Hopefully that will make it easier to find posts in this irregular series or to track it through an RSS feed.

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P.S. I accidentally "replaced" this post with a new one I was working on. Not sure why this happened, but hopefully this post is now back to the way it was.


Anne Davis said...

What a cool picture! I appreciate your very nice comments.

The search for pictures is half the fun, right? I won't tell you how much time I spend on searches, but I can get lost in the search as the pictures fascinate me. I have Slickr on my computer at home and the pictures are mesmerizing.

Flickr is so much fun. I have met the nicest people as I go about thanking them for the use of their photos. It's a great community.

I don't tag like I should - it's on my to do list (been there way too long, along with many other things!) I WILL do it! I haven't even organized my own photos well. I WILL do that too but I know that will be later.

You have done much more with Flickr than I have but all this has me thinking that I am going to make it a part of my "blogging evangelizing" sessions. They complement each other so and I do think when we introduce too many things it can be overload for teachers. I think there is much to understand and "see" about the potential for educators using Flickr. Yep, I'm getting the picture!

I am so glad you plan to continue your "Flickr" posts. They are great. EduFlickr is a good tag!

David said...

I hadn't come across Slickr. I like it - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Flickr is so visual, it really grabs peoples attention. You show them a picture like the one in this post (or the one by the same photographer of the military chap with the moustache in the picture before it) and people can see the potential. Explain about CC and they are completely hooked. The word "free" seems to be a powerful attractor for teachers. :-)