Thursday, June 08, 2006

Teachers take the rap

David Cameron, currently the leader of the opposition, has been giving Rap records and Radio 1 a hard time. He says they encourage a gun and knife culture... which is clearly a bad thing!

I heard an interview on the news today however where some expert was defending Rap. He said:
Rap isn't the cause of the problems. It's just an easy target to take a swing at.
OK, I agree with that.
There are deeper, social issues that need to be tackled.
Yep, still with you.
Instead of attacking Rap, politicians should be addressing these deeper issues.
Agree 100% so far.
So they should look to the sources of the problems. Look to the police service and education.
Ah... I see! So it's the teachers fault. :-)

Ho hum!

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P.S. In the interests of political balance, I suppose I should also link to Tony Blair and Ming Campbell. :-)

P.P.S. My wife the English teacher says I may be misrepresenting the rap chap. He may have meant that education could be part of the solution rather than one of the causes. Possibly true, but it wouldn't have allowed the cheap joke in the above post. :-)

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