Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flock/Flickr - Dog/Blog

Various people (e.g. Will Richardson) were recommending a new browser called Flock, so I thought I'd give it a go. One of its selling points is the tight integration with read/write web tools such as Flickr and blogs (in my case Blogger) so I thought I'd give it a go and use it to make a post to Blogger that incorporates a couple of Flickr photos. So not really a standard post - just me playing with the technology.

Blue and Colin play with a baloon
Normally I get up about 6:00am, put the dogs out in the back garden and putter about for a while before pulling on some trousers and taking the boys for a walk.

On the morning that this photo was taken though, I let the boys out the back only to hear Colin wuffing at something. I started hissing at him to be quiet and called them both back in so that he didn't wake the neighbours.

It was only when I took them out for a walk that I discovered why he was wuffing - this helium balloon had drifted into our garden during the night and Colin was clearly not happy about this strange, bobbing creature being in his space! :-)

Blue beats the balloonThankfully Blue came to the rescue and subdued this evil, bobbing monster.

In fact, since it was close to my daughters birthday, she adopted this lost balloon and decided it was hers. However, if anyone wants to claim it back, please leave a comment listing any of the balloon's distinguishing features and details of when you last saw your balloon. It is only slightly chewed... honest!

So, what do I make of my first experience of a Flock produced blog entry? Interesting... but not sure yet about giving up on Firefox (my current browser of choice). I'm sticking with Firefox just now for "if it ain't broke..." reasons but I'm willing to spend a bit more time with Flock to see what it has to offer. First things I noticed that might tempt me away are Flock's drag and drop editing of blog entries (although I think I'll try a similar post in Blogger's editing interface before I pass final judgement on that one) and its snippets feature (like a clipboard facility for temporary storage of text and graphics). Both of these are good. The only thing I've noticed so far that I'd miss if I switched is that the Back button on Flock doesn't seem to let you leap back a bundle of pages in a single bound the way Firefox's does.

More thought and more playing needed methinks!

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P.S. Slight hiccough when I first tried to publish because it sent it to a test blog I have in Blogger rather than this blog! If you are reading this, then I worked out what to do and was successful on my second attempt. Also, when you post, it gives you the option to add Technorati tags: hence the "testing" tag below. That gives me at least two more things to think about. Hmm!

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