Thursday, March 01, 2007

...Because I can!

The future's bright...
The future's bright...,
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I explained in the description of a photo I posted to Flickr that the nice people at Orange had helped be to set up my phone so I could use it as a wireless modem. Well here I am, on the train from Dundee, posting from my laptop using the phone as a modem. :-)

I find this ridiculously pleasing. Boys and their toys, eh? :-)

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John Connell said...

I remember trying that, David, and then discovering that it cost me an absolute fortune! That was Orange too, but it was a PAYG phone. Don't know if that makes a difference?

Chris said...

And here am I, sitting at home,. unable to get a mail to leave my box because Google is having a spasm - Error 767, if anyone's interested. It's a drag.

David said...

Hello John

It's a contract phone and I get 4 Gig of data included a month... however this afternoon's play with the wireless modem used over 1.5 Gig! Oops. I guess I'll need to be careful for the rest of the month. :-)

Hello Chris

Oh dear. Hope Google gets its act together soon.