Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Educationally useful

Further proof, as if such proof was necessary, that Flickr is educationally useful.

I found a picture of the Pringles man in chocolate mousse on Flickr. This lead me to the TinkeringTimes blog which in turn got me to the Chocablog. (Pause briefly here to savour the wonderfulness of that name - Chocoblog! It puts the name EdCompBlog to shame!) In particular, it took me to a recipie for a chocolate Dalek cake.

Never mind A Curriculum for Excellence or Glow: this is what they should be teaching in schools.

Extermination by chocolate! Brilliant. :-)

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P.S. Sorry... I'm obviously still in need of a cup of tea and a lie down after yesterday's post.

P.P.S. If any student feels the need to sook up to me, a 15 inch high chocolate Dalek cake will go a long way to getting in my good books. :-)

P.P.P.S. Photo of cake used by kind permission of the Chocoblog.


Ruby said...

Wow. Chocolate dalek ...
Yes - flickr can have amazing potential. The photo-a-day-for schools has been running for a bout five weeks now, and it's been interesting to see the contributions from across the world. Looks like certain regions in Scotland won't be participating any more, though - a block on flickr has been placed.
So good to know that someone is looking after pupils and teachers who obviously have no idea how to use the web sensibly ;-(

David said...

I'd say, "Unbelievable!" but unfortunately it is all to common.