Friday, March 09, 2007

Let Creativity Challenge the Child

{This is the first time I've tried posting to my blog direct from my new SPV 3100. Appologies in advance if it all goes funny. This post was typed live during a session at an Apple RTC event and probably should have been edited more carefully before sending!}

>From North Somerset RTC

Looking to challenge thinking instead of spoonfeeding. They found improvements across the curriculum. (Originally thougbt it would only impact media.) They used ComicLife to retell Chaucer. Another example was of using animation in Maths. For example, animated pizza to introduce fractions. Also motivational aspects was highlighted... even the previously difficult pupils.

Showing to governors had a huge impact. Also laptops are made available that can be borrowed.

Set up digital camera sessions for senior citizens.

Biggest impact has been to raise attainment.

Cross-curricular developments. Example given of iMovie the pupils produced to explain science concepts. Sets made in tech, storyboads in english and animated in ICT.

They also have an annual awards ceremony sponsored by their reseller.

"Our role is to challenge people to be more creative."

{Sounds like a good quote to end on!}

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Barbara said...

I like the concept. It is also related to an issue I just raised on my blog about textbooks. I would appreciate your feedback. Please note the two comments...i do not know if they apply in Scotland but I would like to know. Thanks.