Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Acronym

I tried inventing a new acronym in the previous post: Read Only Web (ROW) for the old web - Web 1.0 - and was tempted to have a go at an acronym for Web 2.0 too. I toyed with the idea of Write Read Internet in Teaching and Education (WRITE) but thought it was too clumsy. Then, ROW reminded me of ROM so I looked for a ROM/RAM type pairing and came up with Read And Write web (RAW). I had even started to type ROW/RAW into the post, before I decided it was too silly and that I would never tell anyone I'd even thought of using it... Ever.

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Robert Jones said...

LOL - I think you need a lie down and a cup of tea David!

ICT Maverick said...

I really like this idea! Oh dear, does that mean that there's something wrong with me. :-/