Thursday, June 04, 2009

Old and grumpy - but cynical?

That I am old is an increasingly undeniable fact (although old is a relative term...) and that I'm grumpy can be confirmed by my children. But cynical? I would have hoped not. However, a refreshing dose of excitement and optimism from a former student earlier in the week has led to me re-think that one.

Cheer Up Mr Goblin
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I was put to shame as I heard this chap (who is two years older than me) describing his probationary year experiences, speaking enthusiastically about Curriculum for Excellence developments and saying how he is looking forward with optimism to a year (or more) of supply work because there are currently no jobs advertised. Faced with his excitement, I chastised myself for turning into an old cynic and yet, even as I typed the previous sentence in this paragraph, I had to resist my inner cynic who wanted to add the word "apparently".

What is it that drives us to cynicism? And perhaps more to the point, how do you avoid it?


Chris said...

I have a feeling that we are turned cynical by - perhaps unexpected - negative experiences. Cynicism is often a self-defence mechanism, understandable but rarely pleasant for those around us, IMO.

BTW - I find you neither old nor cynical, but that may say more about me than anything else!

David said...

Thank you Chris but I fear my reactions to news at work and in Education are becoming increasingly cynical. It seems all to easy to fall from grumpy to cynic at the moment. (Although I'm trying to fight it.)

Chris said...

Ah well. I get cynical about the church, so maybe it's just a matter of where you find yourself reacting.