Thursday, June 11, 2009

TeachMeet Student Edition: Initial thoughts

It seems that the first ever TeachMeet Student Edition went well. There's been some good comments on Twitter and the students that have spoken to me all said they were looking forward to next year's - so I guess that we're committed now. :-)

A couple of folk have said they liked the relaxed atmosphere but I must admit it was all a bit of a blur to me. I thought I'd be able to type up my blog as people spoke but quite apart from the problem of my computer going on go slow, I couldn't really concentrate properly. Thankfully, it was recorded in the Flashmeeting, so hopefully I'll get the chance to listen to it soon.

People have started to post links to the stuff they were talking about. So far I have noticed a post from Stuart about his guide to the probationary year (and another about the collaborative effort involved in contacting Local Authorities). Neil has posted links to the seven resource he tried to cover in seven minutes (he managed six). David has posted a set of links and the students from Glasgow have published a link to their presentation. Have I missed any?

I hope to write a proper reflection on the evening later but for now, I'll close with a link to the lyrics of Four Capacities - The Musical and a video of the closing chorus. Enjoy. :-)

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