Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TeachMeet Student Edition... And We're Off

Only a little late. we start. Iain's not here and nobody else seems to know how to start a Flashmeeting so at the moment, nobody can see us remotely.

Jaye Richards was up first and gave a quick romp through some of the tools she uses to develop a network of professionals who help her be a better teacher.

Next up was Katie Barrowman who gave a brief demo of Glow. Good to see real uses by real teachers. {During Katie's bit, David Noble arrived and set up Flashmeeting. Huzzah!}

Then Stuart Meldrum described his experience of his probationary year. He used Prezzie to show what his year was like. WHat helped him get through the year. Coffee! Or more importantly, other teachers - people to talk to. Find something to take your mind off teachers. Observe other teachers.

Finally, in the first section of the evening, we had a two minute presentation from Francis Dickson who talked about RoboSapien. Can be acquired very cheaply on eBay. Francis got one for £11 including postage!

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