Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TeachMeet Student Edition: Part 2

Back after a short break and Cassie Law was up next talking about class wikis and blogs. Importance of having a safe, moderated environment. Giving pupils their own blog space has been a good way for the teacher to learn about what interests the pupils.

Missed all of David Noble's bit because my laptop went on go slow. :-( One bit I did catch was that the people in charge of probationers in his authority thought that a TeachMeet was an unprofessional way to do teacher development. :-)

Next up was Gordon Brown who was also struggling against a slow machine while trying to show some SQA websites. Games based learning, online training and e-portfolio.

The final seven minute presentation in this section was from Iain Hallahan who started by sharing some of his mistakes but also some of the opportunities that he grabbed.

Before a short break, John Daly showed off some fantastic contraptions.

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