Friday, April 02, 2010

Fun on Friday #66: Passion Week

This seemed appropriate for Good Friday: map overlays of the movements of Jesus during Passion Week. It comes in two forms, a Google Map overlay and a Google Earth markup file.

This comes from the ESV blog post: Geography of Passion Week where they admit "Obviously we don’t know the exact location of many of these events...", but they add, "...this map gives you a good idea." It is worth going to the ESV post to get more information about the two overlay links given above. A search on their blog reveals other similar ideas, e.g. Google Earth: Paul’s First Missionary Journey.

These two ideas may not be much use to you but you could use the idea in all sorts of ways. For example, trace the journey of a character in a novel, a (more interesting?) variation on the dreaded "What I did on my holiday" essay, trace a historical event, log the locations visited on a school trip, ...

If you create anything, be sure to let me know in a comment.

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