Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Persistent Spammer

I have turned on comment moderation, hopefully temporarily, while I wait for a particularly persistent spammer to get bored and go away. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

However, if he keeps going at the current rate (it must be a bot that is bypassing the word verification system somehow) I may have to go nuclear and turn off comments for a while.



Chris said...

I was invaded by a particularly uunpleasant troll last week - he's been around before - but he's gone quiet since I put moderation on. I might just leave it - it's not much bother and people seem to do it more and more.

David said...

Thanks Chris

I regularly delete spam comments at the rate of about one or two per week but today I am getting one or two per minute! So, moderation seemed the way to go.

Seems to be a big problem if the number of messages in the help forums are anything to go by. Slightly disappointing therefore that Blogger/Google do not seem to have offered any way to report or deal with a problem caused by people by-passing their word-verification system.

Ho hum! Hopefully they'll go away soon.

Chris said...

Let me know if a solution turns up!

David said...

Turning on moderation seems to have stopped him for the moment. I may risk turning it off later just to see what happens.

David said...

Oops... spoke to soon - he's back!

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