Friday, October 03, 2008

Fun on Friday #5: Comicbrush

Comicbrush is a site I found thanks to a screen dump on David Gilmour's Flickr pages.

Essentially it's a site that lets you create your own comics - three/four panel comic strips or full comic book pages - and share them online. Here's one I created earlier:

Computer Interface from Comicbrush
I'm a PeaSee and I'm a Mack, discuss computer interfaces.

That was my second comic strip. My first attempt was a comic version of last week's Fun on Friday joke.

I know there are other comic creation tools out there, for example Comic Life for desktops and ToonDoo, Gnomz or the Doctor Who Comic Maker for online comic creation) but Comicbrush looks interesting for a couple of reasons. For a start, there's the range of different comic styles you can create and the facility to import your own background pictures. What I find most interesting though is the link with 2000AD. Apparently the people behind Comicbrush own 2000AD so there is some art work from Judge Dredd available and some Rogue Trooper stuff too. A Dave Gibbons font set is also available for use on the website.

The site is in beta testing at the moment and there are a few rough edges. Hopefully it will be developed further before being officially launched. For example, I would hope to see more artwork available before too long. Also, currently it lacks any read/write web goodness. There is a half-hearted share option but no real way to embed your creations in other pages (for example a blog). It also lacks any YouTube style comment/favourite options, so there is no sense of a Comicbrush community working and sharing together.

However, it looks good, it is (relatively) easy to use... and it is fun on a Friday. Go... create a comic and then leave a comment here to share your creation!

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Mr McSwan said...

I'm planning to let my S1 class loose with this for the week.

It's a really nice tool i think, certainly got me playing about with it