Thursday, October 09, 2008

Guitar Throwdown

I should start by saying that a Guitar Throwdown is not as bad,or potentially expensive, as it first sounds. (This is a quick post about another interesting educational use for YouTube I came across.)

Throwdown is used here in the sense of throwing down a challenge. The roots may be from the world of rap but I can't find a definition on the web, so I can't confirm this. I came across it in this guitar throwdown from Newton Faulkner:

Hows that for a challenge? Your music pupils could take on Newton in a guitar throwdown! OK, perhaps Netwon might be a bit too high a target for some... but what about inter-school throwdowns?

It doesn't have to be limited to guitars either. Other instruments could be used. (A recorder throwdown?) It doesn't even have to be music based. Why not have a poetry throwdown, or an art throwdown, or a mime throwdown... OK mime might not be a good idea but you get the drift. One school/pupil posts a video and issues the throwdown and others can respond in comments or in kind by posting their own video.

Even as I typed the above, I realised it doesn't even have to be limited to YouTube. It might be more sensible to use Flickr for an art throwdown or an ArtTrack throwdown. And I'd love to see Computing classes have a go at a Scratch throwdown.

What do you think? Anyone up for a throwdown?


Chris said...

Quite like this idea - though the inarticulate mumblings of the protagonist on the vid leave me cold...

David said...

Inarticuate mumblings!? Hmm! But he is pretty articulate on a guitar. :-)

Alan Y said...

can you throwdown live?
schools could challenge other schools to a throwdown using Glow Meet - or Chat.
Just a thought

David said...

I'd guess that live throwdowns was how it started initially... but from an educational point of view, you'd miss the worldwide audience and all the Web 2.0 goodness. GlowMeet though might be interesting.