Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun on Friday #6: Paper Critters

Only eight votes so far in the current poll, but all positive so... a bit late this week but with 30 minutes to go, it is still officially Friday.

I thought I'd recommend something practical this week, so get out your scissors, your glue and your virtual pencils and make me a Paper Critter. I think my favourite is this Star Wars critter:

But the Sponge Bob is fun too.

If you create an original critter, leave a comment here to let us see your handiwork, or post a photo of any of the "colony" that you make up.

P.S. I created another Comicbrush comic. Has nobody else had a go (apart from Andy)?


John said...

Thanks David,
This would be a great class activity. Make, cut out and use for animations.

David said...

Hello John

An excellent likeness! I especially like the Apple logo on your t-shirt. :-) Perhaps we should have a separate no prize for the critter that looks most like its creator.

David said...

Here's the Critter Me... although I cheated a bit!