Thursday, October 02, 2008

TeachMeet08: Look who's holding the baby

While looking through the transcript of the TeachMeet FlashMeeting, I was amused by the following exchange.

David holding the baby!
Originally uploaded by cx1uk
Digital Louis's dad, Sean, was carrying Louis and the FlashMeeting laptop about between the simultaneous presentations. People on the FlashMeeting had already expressed concern about Sean's juggling skills when I offered to take Louis for a bit. I guess the FlashMeeters didn't notice this because shortly after I took Louis, they said:

01:37:10 lisibo: aaah a baby!!
01:37:14 Ian U: I think that's cruelty to children, taking them to TeachMeet
01:37:27 Paul: Baby and laptop!!!!
01:37:39 dai: multi-tasking man? surely not
01:37:42 Ian: your doing well Sean Baby and laptop Which one would he grab if he tripped ?
01:37:49 orunner: I think we should call the RSPCC
01:37:57 dai: that baby is truly a digital native
01:37:58 Ian U: baby must be trained to grab laptop, he grabs baby...

Well, it amused me!

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