Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The best is yet to come...

The title of the post is actually the name of a blog by a former student. He is now a "real" teacher and although updates of his blog have been sporadic, he has made two recent posts that chimed with issues I'd been thinking about because of TeachMeet08 and SLF08.

Guitar Hero
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Firstly, his post from 11 September, The new term!, talks about an inter-disciplinary project he's working on based around managing a band. It's about providing context and it looks like he's going to use (is already using?) something like GuitarHero to pull it all together. It is not clear from his post but I'd guess he will move onto designing games as well as playing them.

It's good to see a new S1 course being developed that doesn't assume the pupils know nothing and that doesn't start with, "This is a mouse"! And from a future of Computing as a subject point of view, it's good to see a course being developed that does something current, interesting and engaging.

Secondly, there is his post from 18 September, Desks of the future, where he considers where technology might be going and wonders how schools can keep up. Having just heard Tom Barrett talk about some of the things his school did with the Entertaible, and knowing a bit about what Ian Stuart has been doing in Islay, I know there are other people thinking along similar lines. What will technology look like in the near future and how can schools sustain and develop their use of computers and ICT?

If you've got something to say on these topics, by all means leave a comment here... but even better, why not head over to The best is yet to come and and leave some comments there?


David Gilmour said...

I've left a comment over there pointing him to the Musselburgh Grammar Guitar Hero cluster transition project. There's a MGS Guitar Hero project blog with all the planning docs, including the plans which match up the activities with Curriculum for Excellence outcomes.

David said...

Thanks David

I went looking and I think I pointed him to the Musselburgh site too. :-)