Saturday, May 07, 2011

ADE Challenge Based Learning

Everyone is a learner.

The importance of creativity. The tools are out there to allow people to capture stuff. Learners need a studio to work with the stuff the capture. finally they need a display space. This used to be the fridge - child brings work from home and it is stuck on the fridge with a magnet. In digital age, that display place is online - Facebook, YouTube, ... What's interesting is that these display areas are (often) social and so the creators can get feedback and suggestions from the community.

The classroom of tomorrow today: Six Design Principles

1) 21st Century Outcomes
2) Relevant and Applied Curriculum
3) Informative Assessment
4) Culture of Creativity and Innovation
5) Social and Emotional Connection
6) 24/7 Access to Learning Tools

Students dropped out of high schools were asked why they dropped out. Number one answer was not that they were bored but rather that nobody cared about them - nobody in school or at home.

Challenge Based Learning

Starts with a big idea - global in scope. Example given was Resilience. Start with an essential question, building on resilience the question was how can we better support each other? Narrowed again to produce a single, actionable challenge, e.g. help a community recover from a disaster? A set of guiding questions are then produced that guide the learning process. Then guiding activities (stuff I missed) and Implementation followed by Reflection.

{Curses - I had a lot more on this but it seems to have been swallowed and lost by the painfully slow wifi here!}

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