Saturday, May 07, 2011

ADE Workshop

Finding out about iPad apps. These were recommended by educators in the room.

iMotionHD : Let's you create and share time-lapse movies. Great for science.

TelePrompt+ : Teleprompt utility.

Popplet (or iThoughts) : Kind of a memory map utility.

RAG : Random Activity Generaltor from John Davitt. Look for LEG online too

Museum of London Street Museum : GPS location used to deliver history info s you walk round London.

IFiles : Getting photos on and off iPhones and iPod Touches through desktops. (Alternative solution was described which involved putting stuff on a shared drive.)

Bambuser : You can stream live video onto the web.

EasyChinese : Flash card type app. Easy of use is outstanding.

Epic Citadel : Graphic adventure. Used as stimulus for other work. screenshots taken of the game and brought into Popplet. Great stimulus for writing - especially the boys. Also can use green screen to put children into the scenes.

GarageBand and Voice Memo : Record feedback to pupils and sent by email to pupils. Also links to QR Code of the recordings that are linked to particular spaces.

Photo sync : send photos wirelessly from iPhone to iPad or other iPhones.

Neu.annotate : Write on top of PDF files and then email it back And it's free!

GB Road Atlas : A big map! Also free

Proloqo2Go : Text to speech app

Audioboo : Fantasticly easy way to share audio.

Color : Like Twitter for photos

Thumb jam : easy way to produce music.

Six strings and OM Guitar ... But they have kind of been replaced by GarageBand!

Seline HD : A futuristic music interface. Select a drone and then play music on top of it. Can export music.

Percussive : Good samples of various percussion instruments.

Wella apps from the Wella website : Great for the science side of hairdressing.

Puppet pals : allows people to practice speaking for example speaking on phone or role play.

ABC Pocket Phonics and ABC Tracer : Writing apps.

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