Saturday, May 07, 2011


(Live capture of presentation)

European Council of International Schools

The ECIS launched an iTunesU presence on the 16th of April this year. The target audience is both learning materials for pupils and professional development material for teachers. For example, a Maths teacher has produced video/animated answers for International Baccalaureate past papers with audio explanation. As well as giving the answers, they also showed pupils how to check they had the right answer.

As a result, they have flipped the class. It used to be that the teacher would do the theory at the start of the lesson and set the pupils to practice for homework. Now the homework is to access the podcast with the theory as homework and then do the practice in class. This means the teachers spend a lot more time with working with the pupils.

Because iTunesU is self policing, people do check the content and errors are corrected. There is now a ratings and comments mechanism and people do leave comments.

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