Saturday, May 07, 2011

ADE Sharing our passions

What are you passionate about? Let me rephrase that... What are you passionate about... in an educational context?

This was the question we were asked to respond to at the start of this afternoon's session. We were asked to write down on a slip of paper the one thing we we most passionate about. The end point we were aiming for was to form groups around things we were passionate about. I thought the way we arrived at that point was interesting:

1) Write down what you are passionate about.
2) Swap your slip of paper with someone else.
3) Get up, move around the room and when told find a partner to talk to.
4) Swap the slip with this partner and then between the two of you, assign a score to each idea. You have seven points to share between the two ideas, so as a pair, you might give one idea a six and the other a one. or if they are more similar, give a three and a four. Write the score on the back of the idea.
5) Move again, find a new partner again, swap slips again. Decide how to distribute the seven points again.
6) Do this five times, so you will have seen five different ideas and assigned five different points.
7) Add up the scores on the back and the most popular ideas will have the highest scores.
8) Take the top ideas and form groups around them.

Interesting way of forming groups... At least I thought it was interesting!

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