Friday, May 06, 2011

ADE Institute: Opening Sessions


The ADE Institute is an opportunity to meet people from eight different countries who are motivated, excited and knowledgeable. We are encouraged to share our projects and look for opportunities to work with others.

There will be opportunities to hear success stories and to work with others.

What is an ADE? They are advisors, authors, ambassadors and advocates.

Trusted Advisors: often in an institution, you are the person people come to for hop and advice.
Authentic Authors: creating and sharing materials. sharing not just with the ADE community but with the world through blogs, the web, iTunesU, whatever...
Global Ambassadors:
Passionate Advocates: know thhe power of the technology and we should nurture creativity.

We will be working in groups and producing things during the institute but we will continue to maintain contact and take the programme home with us.

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