Friday, May 06, 2011

ADE Learning With Apple

Innovation in Education. (Live capture of address)

The learning comes first, the technology is just the tool. Students in education today must be prepared for the world stage. Not just teaching about technology but rather how technology can help us to learn.

Evolution of education. If the question can be answered by Google, perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Engagement becomes the key. As an educator, I have to become a "master learner".
"...if we teach today as we were taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." Dewey (Possibly paraphrased!)

Collaboration is a positive thing. Successful universities don't just have researchers that collaborate with two or three others in the same institution but with researchers in other institutions around the world.

Mobile Learning. "Children can be searched for knives, drugs and mobile phones!" Governments are keen on saving cost and they think eBooks is a way to do this. Typically though, where the eBook is just a PDF of a paper book, all that happens is that the cost of printing is shifted to the end user!

Mobile solutions has an impact not just on the IT budget but can save money elsewhere and can have a positive effect on the learning environment in ways that are not obvious. For example, by reducing the weight of children's backpacks!

Content is key. See for example iTunesU, Khan Academy, apps, ... Talked about the interactive Narnia book as being an example of a Bronze Age app but points to the possibility of a Golden age to come.

Transforming classrooms. Industrial age classrooms were education for the masses. Being transformed to personalised learning and from isolated to connected.

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