Monday, September 28, 2009

Blackboard to Monitor (#ecer2009)

Live blog captured during presentation by Roman Svaricek and Jiri Zounek from Masaryk University, Czech Republic.

Blackboard to Monitor, or Empirical Research of E-learning in University Level Teaching

{I think the title refers to the move from teaching using a physical blackboard to using virtual tools accessed through a monitor. - DM}

The researchers analysed 430 courses from the Faculty of Arts. They studied a variety of types of courses including distance, blended and face to face with electronic support.

They identified a number of advantages such as the mediation of materials, monitoring of student work and motivating students. It gives power to the teacher - for example "ICT is fun" and can be used as a reward {Not sure I have understood the point he was making here. - DM}

They also identified three types of teachers: Constructivists (consciously using constructivist methodology), Intuitivists (unaware of constructivist theory but using aspects in their teaching anyway) and Technologists (using the technology with no real understanding of the pedagogical issues).

They found that some people were beginners with eLearning systems but through themselves enthusiastically into using the system and spent many hours developing the system.

They see eLearing depending on the activities of an orchestra of people - tutors, students, IT support, ... eLearning systems should not just be about the delivery of stuff but be the medium that supports learning.

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