Monday, September 07, 2009

Presidential address

Sometimes I am puzzled by the reactions of Americans. For example, the recent fuss around our NHS was strange - beyond belief at times. In the interests of balance though, I should say that the reaction of people in the UK can be just as puzzling to me.

However, as I read Will's blog on The Obama Speech my immediate and continuing reaction was... "Eh!?" I admit that this particular controversy had passed me by, so I went to look for a news report to give me some background.

I found this from Times Online: Parents demand to vet Barack Obama school speech over ‘indoctrination’ fury. The report is interesting but the comments are incredible.

I wonder what would happen if Gordon Brown announced he was going to address the nation's school children and released lesson plans to help teachers? Any thoughts? Would it create the same sort of reaction here?

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