Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On a classroom wall...

Just the other day, I visited a school to see a student - my first student visit this session. A couple of things on the wall caught my attention.

The first was an A4 sized poster that said:
RAM disk is not an installation procedure.
This amused me! ...Especially since we were looking at Literacy Across Learning today where we were discussing the need to explain what we meant to pupils when using specialist vocabulary in our subjects.

The second was a cool wall, like Andy McSwan's. What I liked about it was that as the class arrived and got themselves organised, I heard two of the girls chatting about it. They were expressing surprise that Bebo was so low as they thought it should be higher. They were clearly engaged with and responding to the cool wall.

I'm guessing it wasn't their class that created the wall but they were happily discussing technology and voicing opinions that they backed up with evidence. Well, not exactly hard evidence but one said that all the Bebo pages she visited were very cool. Initially, the other agreed but then added, "Except my aunt's page. It's rubbish!"

A wall display that gets pupils animated and discussing your subject - what more could you ask for?

{I'm working on a post about iPhone apps but it's taking longer to come together than expected. This was upposed to be a quick, stop-gap post... but it got a bit bigger than I intended!}


Anonymous said...

We have a robot wall which is providing lots of discussion regarding what robots can do and what the children would like robots to do :-)
Lynne Lewis

David said...

I'm guessing that the list of things we would like robots to do is much bigger than the list of things they can do. :-)

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