Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun On Friday #40: URL Shorteners

A short post this week as befits the topic...

Twitter, with its 140 character limit on message length, has fueled the development of URL shorteners. Here's an article that describes 5 Very Weird URL Shorteners.

Which one is your favourite?


Jeff said...

Haha, these are BRILLIANT! I think the bacon one works even better than (but not!

The Dickens one made me think about how awesome a RushURL service could be. :D If I knew how to make one of these things, I'd totally do it.

David said...


Mosher said...

As an aside, if you subscribe to a lot of Twitter feeds, TweetDeck is worth a gander. The new v0.30 has a built-in URL shortener - the older version had it as a separate window. I think this one uses

David said...

Hello Mosher

I like TweetDeck. For me, it defaults to but if you go to Settings you can choose from a list of six url shortners. Not sure why I went for twurl... I guess I had a reason at the time. :-)

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