Monday, September 28, 2009

Online, Offline and Everything In-Between (#ecer2009)

Online, Offline and Everything In-Between: The Development of a Hybrid Course in Tertiary Education

Sela, Orly
Affiliations: Oranim Academic College of Education, Israe

It is important to model how we want novice teachers to work. They will be expected to use technology when they are teaching in school. Teacher education must therefore model this way of working. Speaker gave an example from her course where there is a mix of face to face classes supported by a wiki and asynchronous co-operative assignments.

Often the older students express anxiety and fear. Gave example where one woman stood up and said they should all protest and refuse to use the technology {the response was “this is not a democracy!”} but by the middle of the course, these anxieties have been allayed. {Interesting that she has found evidence (anecdotal?) supporting digital native - DM}

An example of an asynchronous task was to write a story, these were submitted and distributed to students for comment, the comments were fed back to the original authors and they had to incorporate these comments into a revised piece.

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