Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just back from TeachEat...

Great TeachMeet. Tasty TeachEat. Great night. More to follow on both I hope.

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Interesting chat with Ollie. We both commented on the huge number of Tweets that were generated during the evening and Ollie wondered if there would be fewer blog posts as a result.

I'm not sure. I don't think more Tweets automatically leads to fewer blog posts. Perhaps blogging has always been a minority activity so increased numbers attending does not necessarily lead to a pro-rata increase in blogging.

Final observation for now is that despite concerns expressed before TeachMeet there were a lot of first time attenders there and a good number of non-techie topics presented. I'd say there was life in the old TeachMeet dog yet. :-)


Chris said...

I got the impression that the tech is settling down where it really always ought to be - at the service of good teaching rather than dominating it. There will always be a place for sharing new ideas, in whatever area of teaching - a teach-meet indeed, rather than a tech-meet/tech-eat!

David said...

As your very clever offspring said: it's not the teach, it's the teach. :-)

AB said...

Call me a pedant, but I can't help but point out your typo in the quote...?

N Winton said...

@AB: OK, you're a pedant!

For those not in the know, the original quotation is: "It's not the tech, it's the teach!"

David said...

Oops! Not tech - teach! Tech... teach. Clearly the TeachEat took more of me than I realised. :-)

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