Monday, March 23, 2009

CAL 2009: Creative digital spaces for transformative learning: Bridging the gap between formal and informal learning

Captured live at #cal09, posted late. :-)

Maggie Hutchings, Bournemouth University, UK

Institutional VLEs are compared with against personalised/social learning environments. (Prensky Bennett et al 2008: 780) This work challenges Prensky's assumption - variations and differences in population will have greater impact than similarities.

Precipitate activities are activities designed to bring transformative experiences. For example, designing realistic and challenging activities. The students recognised that this led them to learn by doing. By creating a state of doubt that leads to questioning and development.. "Reflection involves not simply a sequence of ideas, but a consequence." (Dewey 1933: 4-5). This leads to deep approaches. Time is significant - students need time for the reflection to occur. Practical order choices - e.g. may go online but not contribute or social order choices, e.g. access to PC at home or peer group pressure. Archer's model has three aspect: Natural Order, Social Order both of which are linked by Practical Order.

Bridging the gap between formal and informal learning

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