Wednesday, March 11, 2009

YouTube Orchestra Update

Quick update: I wrote a post on the YouTube Symphony Orchestra last year. I notice that the finalists have been chosen, the YouTube community has voted and all is set for the concert in April.

The mashup of the video entries is being prepared and will be premièred at the concert on the 15th of April and posted to YouTube the following day.

I still think this is a brilliant idea and would have loved to have had the musical talent necessary to take part. (I never got beyond second trumpet in the school brass band - i.e. can make a vaguely musical noise and can be trusted not to ruin things as long as surrounded by people who can actually play!)

Did any edubloggers make it into the final stage? Anyone from Scotland?

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Anonymous said...

Apparently there were 5 finalists but only two winners from the UK. My last name is Moffat and distance relatives came from the area of the town, so I'm afraid that's as good as it is going to get.

Nina Perlove who has done exceptional work via YouTube for flute players is a winner.