Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Music lessons

I almost put this post in my music blog but at the last minute decided it deserved to be on EdCompBlog.

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I recently came across the Squeeze My Lemon music blog and I wanted to share one of his recent posts titled: I Feel Like Going To Church - Nodody's Fault But Mine. It is a brilliantly simple idea. The post presents three YouTube clips with versions of the same song. One by
Blind Willie Johnson (a Gospel influenced Blues version), one by Pops Staples (a Blues influenced Gospel-ish version) and one by Led Zeppelin (a Rock version with a clear Gospel/Blues lineage).

Fitzgerald, the blog's author, says his intention is to:
" the connection between the blues and other music forms with gospel music. I grew up listening to gospel, blues, soul, rock, country and other music forms and did not always separate them in my mind. And I noticed that as I get older, that newer bands are doing the old songs, but not really understanding where they come from."
I know Daughter Number 2's guitar tutor would echo that sentiment. He despaired sometimes at how little his pupils knew about where the music they liked had come from. Or who had influenced their guitar heroes.

However, the reason I include it here is I thought the idea of using YouTube to chase the same song through different genres (and different eras) was brilliant. I wondered if music departments were doing this sort of thing.

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the 3 videos sounds good though it has been sung by different artist..