Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CAL 2009: Interactivity in the classroom and its impact on learning

Captured live at #cal09, posted late.

G Beauchamp, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, S Kennewell, Swansea Metropolitan University

Described two year project to see if there was any difference in teaching with and without ICT. Found that teacher talk was a key determinant rather than ICT use. Therefore they looked at classifying how teachers interacted with class: from lecture to individual.

There emerged a framework that allowed them to analyse group and individual activities. Match activities and ICT use to the classification of teacher interaction - from level 0 (lecture) to level 4 (synergistic).

Skills are important - do teachers have the ICT skills to know they can move things forward. If teachers see the value though they can apply their pedagogic knowledge, see how ICT can contribute and jump right in there.

Age did not predict impact of ICT - if an experienced teachers saw the connection, their skill in pedagogy meant they were willing to have a go. Perhaps younger teachers were more confident with the technology but less confident with the pedagogical connections.


Martin Owen said...

Somewhat echoing, Fraser, Burhardt, Coupland, Phillips, Ridgeway : " learning and classroom roles with and without a microcomputer"- research presented at CAL83

The Emerging Principal said...

Do you know where we might be able to find the entire article? Your post has piqued my interest and I would like to read more. Thanks.

David said...

Thanks Martin

Further illustration that even in the fast moving world of technology, there's nothing new under the sun!

Hello Emerging Principal

The presenters admitted that it was very much a work in progress and that they were still developing aspects of the presentation (e.g. the "emerging framework") the night before the presentation. Hopefully it will eventually be posted in the proceedings at which point I will post the link here.

Barbara said...

Dear David
This morning I tweeted the last line from your blog.
"Perhaps younger teachers were more confident with the technology but less confident with the pedagogical connections."
It is really food for thought and one tweet reply I received I think says it all
"Great chance for two way mentoring perhaps- veteran teachers collaborating with younger teachers more confidence with technology."