Monday, March 30, 2009

CAL 2009: Digital Dentists

Captured live at #cal09, posted late.

Measures to assess students’ spatial reasoning relating to using Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Margaret J. Cox, Jonathan P. San Diego, T. Newton, J. Hindmarsh, P. Reynolds, S. Dunne, et al; King's College London

PHANTOM project: Design, develop and evaluation of haptic and synthetic devices applied in dentistry. (Haptic - sense of touch.) Interdisciplinary team looking at Technical, Curriculum & Context and Educational Evaluation. Gathering evidence of students' attitudes under three headings and hope to see which factors have the biggest impact. Compared "traditional" method where students practise drilling on a mannequin while being observed by tutor and then final result is also assessed.

Technology Enhanced Learning methods used spacial relations tests, measure fine motor skills (identified by clinicians as an important skill that may improve with practice), gross motor skills, etc. Also developing a PHANTOM Workstation - a virtual mannequin. Virtual mannequin will allow students to rehearse techniques over and over again. Also, the students' performance can be replayed and assessed.

The research will also capture experts using the PHANTOM tool and then students can compare their performance against the expert.

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