Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun On Friday #98: Everyone's gone to the moon

It seemed obvious to me when I was younger that by the year 2000 there would be a well established moonbase (I was an avid watcher of Space 1999 after all) and that we'd be heading to Mars or beyond. I also assumed that people would be travelling to and from the moon on a regular basis... and by "people" I of course meant me.

Alas, I now have to accept that I will never make it to the moon. Today's Fun of Friday is about as close as I'll get because a photographer, Hans Nyberg, has created and published 360° QuickTime VR panoramas from NASA pictures. For example here's one from the Apollo 11 mission - pictures of the first men on the moon! Click on the thumbnail below to see the whole panorama unfold before you:

Screenshot from a panorama taken on the Apollo 11 mission used as
a link, as permitted on Hans Nyberg's Web page.

Stunning, isn't it? He provides six panoramas, from six different missions, and puts you right on the surface of the Moon with the astronauts. Not even close to as good as being there but stunning nonetheless.


Emma Louise said...
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Emma Louise said...

Its gutting were not all living on the moon yet. Might be more likely we all live on a big spaceship like what happens in Walle because the Earth is too polluted and dirty to live on any longer...Disney may have predicted the future...

David said...

Finally saw WALL-E this Christmas. Brilliant film but I think I liked the bit before we met the humans better than the second half.

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