Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LWF11 - Genevieve Shore, Director of Digital Strategy, Pearson Plc

Started with a video where some explains how publishing is dead but the video then rewinds and you here the opposite message. Very smart.

Here are the speakers top six resolutions:
  1. Be Disruptive;
  2. Be Global;
  3. Get Personal;
  4. {Missed this one - be profitable maybe?}
  5. Be Trusted;
  6. Eat less cheese!
An interesting thing that has happened is the "perfect storm" of device, content and delivery mechanism that has come with the iPad and the iBooks app store. Games are a disruptive technology. Artificial Intelligence systems are becoming smarter. How will that disrupt education? For example, could it be used to mark essays and help students improve early drafts.

We can be very Euro-centric and even Imperialistic. Are we only interested in exporting our way of teaching? For example, the speaker talked about a phone based tutoring system in India.

We need to find ways to personalise learning. Personal mobile devices, such as the iPad, are one way of doing this. Talked about a project where every child has an iPad and they are used for everything - content delivered, notes taken and tests completed.

The publishing industry is finding that people are willing to pay for content if the conditions are right. For example, printed tourist guides are still top sellers and the Financial Times is making money.

If a company is no longer trusted, sometimes it is because they have forgotten why they exist.

The cheese comment was the related to the need for balance.

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