Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LWF11 - Ray Maguire, MD, Sony Computer Entertainment UK

Games Industry

Emphasised that the games industry are in the business of entertainment. But teachers can take the products of the entertainment industry and use them to support effective learning.

Teenagers use technology to organise their social world - facebook to plan, text to arrange, YouTube to record, and ... Yet almost without exception, they are prevented from using any of this technology in schools.

How can the ICT curriculum support the creative industry and break away from office/applications focus. {A button pushing curriculum. - DM} This sounds depressing but it depends who is looking at the problem and what is being done about it. The speaker thinks that there is a move from "Should we?" to "How do we?" but thinks that evolution is more likely than revolution.

Equipment etc. is costly and in the current economic climate this seems unlikely but why not use the equipment that is already out there?

A National Digital Curriculum - is this an aspiration or are the components already there?

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