Monday, January 10, 2011

LWF11 - Professor Rose Luckin

Redesigning learning contexts with the iPad

Microworlds. Learning is made up of billions of interactions that we are having and have had over time. Learners build connections through their interactions. The history of these interactions include topics of interest, people that help us learn, technology/resources that support and the environment where the learning takes place. It is a complex web of interactions.

How do we simplify this web of Knowledge & Skills, Tools & People, and the Environment? What stands in the way of learning? What filters sit between us and the learning interactions? The filters can be negative or positive. It can be helpful to have someone identify the most useful out of the vast range of possible.

The speaker gave a practical example of herself as a learner. She asked us to help her learn about time management using an online questionnaire and shared the results in summary, in a table and as a cloud. She then talked about how she will use these interactions to develop her own understanding of Time Management.

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