Monday, January 10, 2011

Learning without Frontiers - Iris Lapinski - Apps for Good

Iris Lapinski - Apps for Good

Why is it that 70% of countries fail to improve their education systems?

Is it because in the real world, problems are complex and context specific? School systems, however, teach children how to recognise standard problems and we provide them with a "Swiss Army knife" set of tools to solve the standard problems. This is important and useful, but does it meet "real world" demands? To prepare children we could teach them to define the problem, research the issue, {missed number three - DM}, design solutions, then build and test.

Examples of the Apps for Good approach were then presented by the students who developed the apps. One was OysterCheck. Next (presented by a fantastically enthusiastic 13 year old) presented BuzzerBuddies which reminds you why you want to wake up when an alarm is set but it also sends a push notice to a friend to tell them you have hit the snooze button so they know you will be late and they can nark you as well as the alarm!

The Apps For Good people are connected to an expert community who help evaluate and develop students apps.

They are using previous students from the course as tutors on subsequent courses. Iris was asked how young she thought this approach can go and answered, "I don't know." but is keen to try younger than 13.

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